Trumpty Dumpty

Orange can be a great colour especially in Autumn and the summer months if conditions are favourable but it can also be effective all year round depending on the weather conditions and water clarity. It’s very useful in murky rivers after a flood and also in coloured lakes but it can at times also be lethal in clear lakes. This fly has a generous amount of flash but it’s also not overbearing for those more selective wily pike who won’t touch something with too much flash and the flash in this blends with the other materials colours really well so that it makes the fly stand out without being too much. The way I have tied the flash into this fly also helps give the fly a lot more of a natural looking movement.

Soul Stripper

Red and black is a killer combination for most predatory fish and large brown trout are no different in that respect. I find this one works best when you strip it aggressively on the retrieve


One of my own personal favourite trout streamers. I can tie it with eyes on them if you wish but it’s unnecessary and when tying them for myself I don’t bother with eyes on this one.

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