Greenwells Glory

This fly was created by Canon Greenwell in 1860. It is still as popular today as it ever was. This fly has stood the test of time for a very good reason; it works and it works well! This is a fly no river trout angler should be without.

Large Dark Olive Parachute Dry Fly

Parachute dry flies are very successful river trout flies.

This one is size 14 to imitate the Large Dark Olive (baetis rhodani).

It will work well in both fast or slow water and trout will readily take it when they are feeding on emergers, duns or spinners.

The yellow foam post makes it very easy to see even in faster broken water and in low light.

Pheasant Tail Dry Fly

A great pattern for fishing in the evening time when the trout are feeding on olives or other upwinged flies. In the evening sun all flies have a reddish hue from the weak evening sun and this fly will represent the majority of upwinged duns or spinners.

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