About Me

I have been fishing for over 34 years now. I live in South Tipperary, Ireland  very near the River Suir which is where I do the majority of my fishing from March until the end of September. I spend the majority of my free time fly fishing for native wild brown trout on the Suir and some of her tributaries during these months. But I do also enjoy dry fly fishing for Rudd too in the summer months. In the summer I often fly fish for Rudd during the day in small lakes and ponds then I go to the River Suir for the evening rise for the trout that evening and depending on how the fishing is I usually fish on well into the night. Of all the fishing I do my favourite of all is probably fly fishing for trout at night.

From the end of September until March is when I switch over to fly fishing for pike although I do occasionally go out fly fishing for pike during the trout season too. The majority of my pike fishing is on wild Irish loughs that are well off the beaten track. I do sometimes fish the bigger more popular pike loughs but I’m at my happiest out on a smaller less pressured lough either on a boat or on my float tube  with no sign of civilisation for miles!

During the long dark winter evenings and nights and on days when I can’t fish I spend my time tying flies. I mostly just tie flies for myself and a few friends but I will occasionally sell some when people ask to buy some of my flies but I am not a commercial fly tyer and I have absolutely no desire to become a full time commercial fly tyer either because I don’t ever want to lose the enjoyment I get from tying for my own pleasure. I tied flies as an exhibitor at the Irish Fly Fair in Salthill, Galway in November 2017 which I really enjoyed . I have since gotten offers to tie at other fishing shows in Ireland and abroad.

I also run two fly fishing groups on Facebook: “Fly Fishing For Trout In Irish Rivers” and “Fly Fishing For Pike Ireland”.

I am a member of a few fishing clubs and a committee member of the one that I consider my main club “Cashel Golden Tipperary Anglers Club”.

I like to try to give back to the sport that is fly fishing as much as possible. I get involved with many projects that include conservation of my local rivers. I try to help others out as much as possible by passing on any knowledge that I have learned over the years and I often take beginners out fishing and help them out as much as I can. After all the future of fly fishing depends on the next generation taking it up.

My favourite method of all is fishing dry flies but I always fish according to the conditions and what the fish want on the day is exactly what I give them.

If you’re  interested in buying any of my flies you can see them in the “SHOP” section of the menu on here. Contact me if you would like to buy any.

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