Clouser Minnows

Clouser Minnows are essential saltwater flies. Instead of putting up a load of links of basically the same fly in different colours I put up these pics on the one page of a few of my most successful colours. These flies catch a wide range of saltwater fish species and are a must have especially for pollock, mackerel, bass , wrasse, cod, codling, ling, flounder and other flatfish.

Author: The Fly Fishing Punk

I’m a Punk from Ireland who is as passionate about fly fishing as I am Punk music. I live in South Tipperary right beside the best of the trout fishing on the mighty River Suir where I spend the river season fishing for wild native brown trout . I also fly fish for coarse fish and during the river trout closed season I mainly concentrate on fly fishing for wild native pike as well as tying trout and pike flies .

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