Balloon Sedge

Balloon Sedge, Balloon Caddis, Ethafoam Sedge, Honda 50, call it what you will but this is without a doubt the most successful Sedge (caddis fly) dry fly ever invented. It imitates the Sedge right at the point of emergence but trout will devour this fly at any life cycle stage of sedges that they are feeding on.

Author: The Fly Fishing Punk

I’m a Punk from Ireland who is as passionate about fly fishing as I am Punk music. I live in South Tipperary right beside the best of the trout fishing on the mighty River Suir where I spend the river season fishing for wild native brown trout . I also fly fish for coarse fish and during the river trout closed season I mainly concentrate on fly fishing for wild native pike as well as tying trout and pike flies .

One thought on “Balloon Sedge”

  1. Good man, I’m retired now and back fishing as much as I can. Left Nenagh over 40 years ago and move to Navan. Fish the Boyne:Blackwater and L. Sheelin. Have been fishing the R. Inny in Co. Westmeath lately. We dead bait for pike …20lb + pike. 10 to 15 lb a good average. Lovely part of the country. Regards Joe Rice


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